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The Achievements Of Asian Heart Institute

Heart disease refers to different types of conditions that can affect the normal heart function. But heart diseases can be diagnosed by the history of any patient and some physical examination. Asian heart institute provides us with magnificent treatments and they offer less expense than the other cardiac hospitals in India.



AHI is specialized with robot helped surgery, cardiovascular surgery, coronary conduit sidestep surgery and many more surgery. Asian heart institute has pioneered the treatment of complex heart surgeries in India and their success in the heart surgeries has helped the institute to earn fame. You can see various reviews from the internet.

Know more about AHI

Only 6 patients in the world have had 10 or more bypass grafts surgery in a single surgery. All the surgeries have been operated at the Asian heart institute .DR. panda is well known for doing the most complex inoperable bypass cases. The Asian heart institute is providing world class cardiac cases in India.AHI has treated over 300,000 patients and has completed over 37,000 angiographies and more than 21,000 high risk heart surgeries, 3500 inoperable cases. Know more about its range of medical services at Asian Heart Institute News, Read more

 Asian Heart Institute

Asian heart institute | Image Resource : gyproc.in


AHI against the cut-practice

AHI moved forward on the discussion against the cut practice. If the cut practice stops, expenses related to the cut practice would go down by 20 - 25% .Many doctors is supporting the anti cut- practice. The cut-practice is one of the great problems of Indian health care. The cut practice is a problem in medical profession and it is not easy to stop it. The management of different hospitals must take action and convince the doctors not to indulge in cut practice and many doctors have joined hands against the practice. Read more

Use of olive oil in regular food

Olive oil helps to keep the heart safe and healthy. The medical experts are trying to raise awareness of using olive oil in regular food for a better life. According to the experts olive oil lowers the level of total blood cholesterol, LDL -cholesterol and triglycerides. DR. Gupta of AHI said that the olive oil has a factor to keep check on blood clot and helps to keep diseases like swelling of stomach, Alzheimer away. Read more

AHI is the ultimate platform where quality heart care meets dignified doctors to get best treatment . Learn all about AHI by following Asian Heart Institute News. 

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